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Ord. No. 79/75

(4) In any joint or representative claim—

(a) the registrar may permit the claim to be filed notwithstanding that it has not been signed by all the claimants or persons represented on condition that all the claimants or such persons shall do so before the date of hearing; and
(b) the name of a claimant or person represented who has not so signed the claim before the hearing may, if the tribunal so directs, be deleted from the claim and the amount of the claim reduced accordingly.

Contents of claim. 13. A claim shall contain—

(a) the name and address of each claimant, and, in the case of a representative claim, the name and address of each person represented;
(b) the name and address of each defendant;
(c) the sum of money claimed by each claimant or person represented;
(d) such particulars of the claim as are reasonably sufficient to inform the defendant of the ground for the claim and the manner in which the amount claimed by each claimant or person represented has been calculated.

Service of claim and notice of hearing. 14. (1) The registrar shall, when a claim has been filed—

(a) fix a place and date for hearing the claim which shall, unless the parties otherwise agree, be not earlier than 10 days nor later than 60 days after the filing of the claim; and
(b) cause a copy of the written claim and a notice in the prescribed form of the date and place of hearing to be served on every defendant in the manner specified in subsection (2).

(2) Service of a copy of the written claim and the notice of hearing—

(a) shall be carried out by such person as may be appointed by the registrar for the purpose; and
(b) shall be effected—
(i) by delivering them personally to the defendant;
(ii) by leaving them with some person for him at his last known place of residence or at his place of business; or
(iii) in such other manner as may be directed by the registrar.


Keeping of summary of evidence, etc. 15. The adjudicator shall keep a summary of the evidence, submissions or statements made or given in proceedings in the tribunal and of any point of law and of his decision thereon.

Hearing to be informal. 16. (1) The hearing of proceedings in the tribunal shall be conducted in an informal manner.

(2) The tribunal may summon any witness and require the production of any document, record, book of account or other thing, which is relevant in any proceedings.

(3) The tribunal shall inquire into any matter which it may consider relevant to a claim, whether or not it has been raised by a party.