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572 Southern Historical Society Papers.

evinces no disposition to advance or increase his force on this side. General G. W. C. Lee thinks he can hold Chaffin's Bluff with his force and Gary's cavalry until reinforcements could be sent him. General Ewell will be down to-day and I will consult with him.

H. Heth, Major- General.

Petersburg, Va., 4 P. M., 8th August, 1864. Major- GejieralWADY. Hampton, Stony Creek:

Have you received further information of departure of enemy's cavalry ? Are you able to take the field ?

R. E. Lee, General. Official : H. B. McClellan, A. A. G.

Petersburg, Va., 9th August, 1864.

His Excellency Jefferson Davis,

President C. S. A., Richmond : Dispatch of to-day received. General Early reports on the 8th that McCausland had arrived in Hardy, having sustained very little loss. Statements in Northern papers of his defeat untrue. Some commander should relieve Ransom. I think it best to send Fitz. Lee's senior brigadier. Will do so if you approve.

R. E. Lee, General.

Petersburg, Va., loth August, 1864. General^ hv>^ Hampton, Stony Creek:

If Sheridan's command has gone, move at once with all your division (exclusive of Dearing) north of James river. General Lee will relieve your pickets. Call at headquarters for orders.

R. E, Lee, General.

loth August, 1864. Colonel 'i. W. Melton, A. A. G.,

War Office, Richmond : Don't let the proposition for the relief of the poor people here be lost sight of. The Chief Commissary states that he has heard of no action in the matter.

W. H. Taylor.