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Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. 241

Co. I.

Serg't James M. Smoot, Private James L. Jeter,

Corp'l Cicero B. Rous, William H. Jeter,

Private Sidney S. Cariker, William Peek,

James L. Dickson, Theophilus B. Wilson.

Co. K.

Private Thomas S. Mathews, Private James R. Walker,

John L. Williamson, Isaac S. Williams,

James Young, Div. Pro- Henry F. Wilson, Brig,

vost Guard, Com's'y Clerk.

Co. L.

Serg't Benjamin F. Eley, Private Lindsay Tillery,

Private Andrew J. Coggins, William T. Veasey,

Josiah Patterson, William W. Webb, Team-

Vandeveer Johnson, Team- ster Division Train,

ster Brig. Train, Isam Watley. [93]

Fifth Alabama Regiment.

Ensign Basil M. Hawks.

Co. A.

Private William M. Bell, det'd Brig. Private Perry A. Jones, det'd Brig. O. M. Dep't, Q. M. Dep't.

Co. B. Serg't Samuel T. Strickland, Private Alexander O. Quinn,

John M. T. Caldwell, John D. Waters,

Private George W. Golden, James G. Watts.

Daniel Jones,

Co. C. Private Robt. W. McCants, Private Mills B. Rodgers.

Co. D.

Serg't John W. Wynne, Private Jno. F.Jackson.det'd Brig.

Private Benjamin A. Carter, Med. Dep't,

Hiram J. Geddie, Thomas G. Moore, det'd

Edward T. Hutchison, Brig. Courier,

William H. McCrary, James D. Sellers,

James L. Boardman, det'd John H. Warren,

Div'n Com'y Dep't, Davis G. Williams, det'd

Walton N. Glover, det'd Div. Com'y Dep't,

Brig. Com'y Dep't, Dan' 1 W. Woodruff, det'd

Peter Hagins, Clerk Div. Hd. Qrs.,

Edwin G.Idom, det'd Brig. Abner C. Waddell, det'd

Com'y Dep't, Brig. Q. M. Dep't.