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The Twelfth Georgia Infantry, 169

Captain Smithes two Parrott guns and Captain Watson* s brass rifle and one Parron gnn were on picket at Charlestown on yesterday.

J. Thompson Brown, , Colonel, &c., &c.

[6] loss of c. s. a. stores at huntersville, va.

HuNTERSViLLE, January i6th, 1862. General :

I enclose reports of loss of commissary and quartermaster's stores by the recent raid of the enemy, viz :

Commissary, - - - - - - - - $10,227 75

Quartermaster, 2,063 66

$12,291 41 Add estimated loss of buildings owned by private in- dividuals, 3,000 00

$15,291 41

The whole loss cannot exceed the above amount, and will be re- duced by the return of some of the stores.

I have now nothing of interest to communicate, and am very busy organizing the posts and restoring discipline, &c. Respectfully,

William L. Jackson, Colonel Commanding,

[7] Huntersville, West Virginia.

communication from col. wm. l. jackson to gen. ed. johnson.

Huntersville, January i8ih, 1862, General :

I enclose the monthly return of Captain Alexander for De- cember, the best he can do. Upon my arrival here I found that General Davis, of Greenbrier county, had advertised that he would address the people of this county at this place on Thursday, the i6th inst., with the view of arousing them to resent Northern invasion. A