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The Monument to General Robert E, Lee, 247

The Confederate veterans from the Soldiers* Home surrounded the statue of Fame Crowning Lee, which they unveiled, and to which they fired a salute just as the head of the column came up.

It was touching to witness the enthusiasm of the veterans as they recognized so many of their old leaders, and greeted them with a regular old Confederate yell, which, if not as strong as when they used to proclaim their victories, was at least as hearty and sincere.

The grand -stand (to which only those especially invited were ad- mitted) which held over one thousand people, was soon filled to its utmost capacity, while thousands stood in the mud and rain on the outside.

As the Marine Band played "We'll be Gay and Happy Still,'*

    • Dixie,'* **Star-Spangled Banner," &c.. the veterans, the Grand

Lodge of Virginia Masons, ?md other organizations marched to their places. Despite the constant drizzle, which soon came on to a hard rain, the people held their places with amazing patience throughout the exercises. A veteran voiced the sentiments of all when he said : ^* We used to follow * Marse Bob* much worse weather than this, and surely we can cheerfully bear this to do him honor.**

A Historical Flag.

[From the Richmond Enquirer^ September i6, 1862.]


The gallant company of Marylanders, commanded by Captain William I. Rasin, has just been presented with a beautiful flag by the ladies of Kent county, Maryland, from which county many of the company have come to the Confederate service. The flag is a perfect bijou, almost too fine for our rough-and-ready cavalry. It displays the old Confederate colors — red, white, and red — dear to the hearts of true Maryland women. The union shown on one side the arms of Maryland ; on the other a blue field with eleven golden stars and the legend, " Hope is Our Watchword and Truth our Guiding Star.** It is richly ornamented with bullion fringe and tassels, and bears upon a silver plate on the flagstaff the inscription : ** Presented to (the Winder cavalry). Company E, First Maryland cavalry. Con- federate States of America, Captain William I. Rasin commanding, by the ladies of Kent county, Maryland. May its crimson folds burn