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Letters of B. K Lee. 337

    • Hagerstown, Md., September 12, 1862.
    • His Excellency, President Davis :
  • * * * * 5»f *
  • * A thousand pair of shoes and some clothing were obtained in

Fredericktown, two hundred and fifty pair in Williamsport, and about four hundred in this city. These were not sufficient to cover the bare feet of the army.'*

  • ' Headquarters Department of Northern Virginia,

" December 2, 1862.

    • Honorable Secretary of War :

Sir. — I have the honor to report to you that there is still a great want of shoes in the army, between 2,000 and 3,000 men being at present barefooted. Many have lost their shoes in the long marches over rough roads recently made, and the number forwarded was in- sufficient to meet the necessities of the troops.'* *****

'* Bunker Hill, July 16, 1863.

" Mr. President, — The army is encamped around this place, where we shall rest to-day. The men are in good health and spirits, but want shoes and clothing badly, * * * * and also horseshoes, for want of which nearly half of our cavalry is unserviceable.*'

" Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia,

"October 19, 1863.

^^ Brigadier- General A, R. Lawton, Quartermaster - General :

              • The want of supplies of shoes, clothing, over-

coats, and blankets is very great. Nothing but my unwillingness to expose the men to the hardships that would have resulted from mov- ing them into Loudoun in their present condition induced me to return to the Rappahannock. But I was adverse to marching them over the rough roads of that region, at a season, too, when frosts are certain and snows are probable, unless they were better provided for