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I)ftli,',i(inn of (In- ,S'o////,'.x Mas,, i in. NORTH CAROLINA ROOM.

Mrs. Christopher Woodbridge McLean. Recent; Mrs. T. I). Neal, Vice- Regent; Mrs. A. T. Broadnax, alternate, of Atlanta. rgiu. Reception Committee: Mrs. W. S. Forbes, of North Carolina; Mrs. Gordon, of North Carolina; Mrs. Gregory, of North Carolina; Mrs. McMaran, of N. C. ; Mrs. Strudwick, nee Mi-^ Nannie Hughes, of North Carolina; Miss Hughes, and Mrs. McLean. sister-in-law of ex-Governor Ellis; Mrs. Gordon, of North Carolina; Mrs. Bennahan Cameron, now of North Carolina, and others; Mrs. W. J. Whitehurst, Mrs. Wingo, Mrs. W. J. Blunt. Mrs. T. J. Jef- fries.

The State colors were conspicuous in the decorations of this room.


This room was one of the most richly-decorated and most interest- ing of them all. On the wall was the State seal and legend " Sem- per parati. ' ' On the east wall was a particularly beautiful flag of blue silk, upon which a palmetto tree and crescent were worked in silver. Beneath it hung a palmetto wreath, sent by the members of the Memorial Association of South Carolina for the Jefferson Davis re-interment. On the north wall was a portrait of General Wade Hampton, in a palmetto wreath. In a corner of the room, on a large easel, was a portrait of the last battle-flag at Fort Sumter.

Miss Mary Singleton ("Daisy") Hampton, Regent; Mrs. W. P. DeSaussure nee Logan, Vice-Regent; Mrs. L. B. Janney, alternate. Reception Committee: Mrs. Herbert A. Claiborne; whose mother was Miss Alston, of South Carolina; Mrs. Jackson Guy, formerly Miss Hemphill, of South Carolina; Mrs. Clinton Boudar, formerly Miss O' Conner, of Charleston, S. C. ; Mrs. Basil Gwathmey, of Henderson, S. C. ; Mrs. Ann Gwathmey, Mrs. A. H. Reynolds, Miss Helen Bennett, all of South Carolina families; Mrs. Caskie Cabell, Mrs. O. A. Crenshaw, Miss C. B. Bosher, Mrs. Hugh Taylor, Mrs. Winn, Miss Guillaume, and other ladies who helped at the South Carolina table of the memorial bazaar of 1893.


Mrs. Robert Emory Park, Macon, Ga., Regent; Mrs. J. Prosser Harrison, Richmond, Va., Vice-Regent; Miss Lucy Lily Temple, alternate.