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254 Southern Historical Society Papers.

seven of these could be identified. These were buried in the private lots, and the other eleven were interred in the lot of the Guards, in Laurel Grove Cemetery. The interment was attended by a large gathering of the citizens, and the ceremonies were conducted by Bishop Elliott and other leading divines of the city.

With one exception (Lieutenant Gue) every officer present at the battle of Sailor's creek was either killed or wounded. Major Bas- inger and Lieutenants Dillon and Starr were wounded, and Captain Rice and the lieutenants named above were killed; Captain George Stiles was in the camp hospital ; Captain Thomas F. Screven was at home on furlough, and Lieutenant P. H. Raynal was on detached duty with a detachment sent out in search of cattle for the army. This accounts for every officer of the command.

There are only a few survivors of that desperate battle. Major Basinger commanded the battalion with the rank of lieutenant- colonel for several years after its reorganization after the war, and is now living at Athens. Among those residing here are Captain Thomas F. Screven, Captains John R. Dillon and John Reilly, both of whom have commanded Co. C, of the battalions, successively since the war; Sergeants Malcolm McLean, and J. G. Cornell, and Private John A. Pacetti. Captain P. N. Raynal, who commanded Co. A for a year after the war, now resides at Thomasville, and Ser- geant Bayard Mclntosh in Atlanta, being connected with the Agri- cultural Department. There are probably others, but their names could not be recalled by the veterans who were seen yesterday.

[From the Wilmington, N. C., Messenger, Feb. 19, 1895.]


Paroled at Appomattox.

' ' North Carolina had paroled at Appomattox Courthouse, one major-general, Bryan Grimes, and six brigadiers, z. e., W. R. Cox, Matthew W. Ransom, John R. Cooke, William McRae, W. P. Rob- erts and J. H. Lane.