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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Jan. 12. As a punishment I directed the prisoners to lay a causeway around the guard lines for the sentinels' use to walk on.

Jan. 13. My birth-day. Wrote a long letter to mother.

Jan. 14 and 15. Usual dull routine of camp duty.

Jan. 16. Went with Dr. McQueen to Dr. Terrill's, and met his pretty daughter, Mrs. Goodwyn, and her sister, Miss Nellie. Regiment returned at night, and I am relieved from my command.

Jan. 17, 18 and 19. Boisterous winds and frequent rains. Marched company "F" to Captain Pickens' quarters, and they were paid for November and December, and commutation for clothing from December 12th, 1862 to December 12th, 1863. The men feel rich with their depreciated money. How cheerful and jocular they are!

Jan. 21. Order from General Lee to send applications for furloughs at rate of 12 to the 100 men present. Tom Clower and Pierce Ware are the lucky ones.

Jan. 22. Forwarded furlough applications for Clower, Ware and L. Williams. Last under General Order No. 1, he having secured a recruit. Privates Kesterson and Chappell left on furlough.

Jan. 23. Am officer of the guard, and Colonel Smede, Corps Inspector, inspected the regiment and guard.

Jan. 24 and 25. Lieutenant Brittain resigned.

Jan. 26. This has been a bright, pleasant day, and most memorable one in the history of Battle's brigade. General Battle made speeches to each one of his regiments, and they re-enlisted unconditionally for the war, almost to a man. I never witnessed such unanimity upon a matter of such vital importance. The brave 12th Alabama, when the invitation was given to those who desired to volunteer, to step forward two paces, moved forward as one man. General Battle spoke elegantly and eloquently. Other officers spoke well. Battle's brigade is the first in the Army of Northern Virginia to re-enlist unconditionally for the war. This is an act of which we may well be proud to our dying day. I rejoice that I belong to such a patriotic body of heroes.

Jan. 27. General Battle sent the following communication to each regiment in his brigade :

January 26, 1864.

"The Brigade Commander has the pleasure of presenting the subjoined communication from Major-General Rodes:"