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312 Southern Historical Society Papers.


  • Color Sergeant, George C. Coleman, Harris county, Ga. Was

killed at Aberdeen, Miss., in 1896. Co. B.

Color Corporal, Julius L. Brown, Milledgeville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Son of Governor Joseph E. Brown, the War Governor of Georgia. Co. A.

  • Color Corporal, A. J. Hulsey, Atlanta, Ga. Co. A.

Color Corporal, Thomas W. Milner, Cartersville, Ga. Co. B. Color Corporal, Henry W. Dewes, Forsyth, Ga. Kirkwood, Ga. Co. B.

  • Color Corporal, Henry A. Dunwoody, Co. A. Cobb, county,

Darien, Ga.


Captain, Victor E. Manget, Marietta, Ga. Professor of French at G. M. I. Living now at Marietta, Ga. Minister of the Gospel.

  • First Lieutenant, Cadet Charles H. Solomon, Macon, Ga.
  • Second Lieutenant, Cadet P. Hazlehurst, Macon, Ga.
  • Third Lieutenant, Cadet Steele White, Savannah, Ga.

Fourth Lieutenant, Cadet Frank Einstein, Macon, Ga. New York, N. Y.


First Sergeant, Cadet T. A. Ward, Greensboro, Ga. Last heard of was in Alabama.

Second Sergeant, Cadet Tom Bussey. Died in 1893.

  • Third Sergeant, Cadet Isaac P. Harris, Covington, Ga. Died

at Atlanta, Ga., in 1899.

^Fourth Sergeant, Cadet Seaborn Montgomery, Ellaville, Schley county, Ga. Died in service 1864.


Cadet B. Frank Lee, Fort Valley, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. Later was made Third Sergeant in Co. B, to take place of I. P. Harris, promoted to Lieut.

Cadet C. W. Linn.

  • Cadet Thomas Acree, Talbotton, Ga.

Cadet J. Symmes.

Cadet F. Jones.

Cadet J. K. Anderson, Edgefield county, S. C. Wounded in in line, and died at Atlanta, August, 1864.