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Restoration of Name of Jefferson Davis.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation, and assuring you of my highest esteem, I am,

Yours very respectfully,

Mrs. W. J. Behan,President.

Additional data mailed to Hon. Luke A. Wright, December 1, 1908:

1st. Copy of resolution passed by C. S. M. A., at Convention, Richmond, Va., relative to "Cabin John Bridge,"

2d. Names of committee.

3d. Copies of letters from the late Hon. Adolph Meyer; General Stephen D. Lee; Hon. W. H. Taft, Secretary of War; Hon. Murphy J. Foster, United States Senator from Louisiana.

4th. Copy of C. S. M. A. minutes, of Richmond, Va., convention, June 1-3.

5th. Copies of letters from General Clement A. Evans, Commander-in-Chief; from John W. Apperson, Commander-in-Chief U. S. C. Y.; from Mrs. Cornelia Branch Stone, President-General U. D. C.

New Orleans, La., 1207 Jackson Avenue,
December 2, 1908.

Mrs. Cornelia Branch Stone,

President-General, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Galveston, Texas:

My Dear Mrs. Stone,—I trust you have arrived home safe and are enjoying a well earned rest after the fatigues of the convention. Permit me to take this occasion to compliment you upon your executive ability and upon your admirable tact and patience in controlling such a large convention.

I regret that you did not give me the opportunity to thank you, in the name of the Confederated Southern Memorial Association, for your active interest in the "Cabin John Bridge" matter.

As an interested member of the "Cabin John Bridge" Committee of the C. S. M. A., it is due you that you be advised as to