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List of General Officers and their Staffs.

Major James R. Crenshaw, Assistant Commissary, April 29, 1861 ; promoted Lieutenant-Colonel and A.A.G. June, 1861.

Major George Deas, Lieutenant-Colonel, Chief of Staff, Virginia State forces, 1861.

Dr. Lafayette Guild, Medical Director, June 25, 1862, to April 9, 1865.

Lieutenant-Colonel William G. Gill, P.A.C.S., Ordnance Officer, November 1, 1861.

Colonel George W. Lay, A.A. & I. General, March 6, 1863, to April 9, 1865.

Major Henry E. Payton, A.A. & I. General, November, 1862-1864; Lieutenant-Colonel to April 9, 1865.

Lieutenant-Colonel E. Murray, A.A. & I. General, September, 1863, to November 4, 1864.

Major Giles B. Cook, A.A. & I. General, November 4, 1864, to April 9, 1865.

Captain Henry E. Young, A.A. General; promoted Major September, 1863. to November 4, 1864; Major & A.A. & I. General to April 9, 1865.

Lieutenant-Colonel Wm. P. Smith, Chief of Engineers, September, 1863-1864.

Colonel W.H. Stevens, Chief of Engineers, 1864; promoted Brigadier-General April, 1865.

Captain Samuel R. Johnston, Engineer, November, 1862; promoted Lieutenant-Colonel April, 1865.

Dr. Joseph E. Claggett, Surgeon in charge of hospital.

Dr. E.J. Breckenridge, Medical Inspector.

Dr. T.H. Wingfield, Surgeon.

Dr. James C. Herndon, Surgeon.

Dr. Samuel M. Bemiss, Surgeon.

Dr. E.D. Newton, Surgeon.

Captain John M. Allen, Assistant Quartermaster Forage.

Captain R.S. Bell, Assistant Quartermaster Forage.

Captain J.T. Bernard, in charge of Ordnance Train.

Captain W.M. Cary, Assistant Quartermaster, Issuing Officer.

Captain John Galize. Forage Quartermaster.

Colonel R. S. Garnett, A.A. General, 1861.

Captain A.M. Garber, Assistant to Forage Quartermaster.