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List of General Officers and their Staff's.
  Captain S. G. Staples, A. D. C., May, 1862.
Captain Hardeman Stuart, S. O.; killed, Second Manassas, August 29, 1862.
Captain W. E. Towles, A. D. C., May and July, 1862.
Captain B. S. White, C. S.; promoted Major.

Taliaferro, William Booth, Brigadier-General, March 4, 1862; Major-General, January 1, 1865; died at Gloucester Courthouse, Va., February 27, 1898.
Staff.—— Major Wm. T. Taliaferro, A. A. G.; transferred to General D. H. Hill, March, 1865.
Lieutenant Henry C. Cunningham, Ordnance Officer; assigned to duty at Savannah, Ga., July, 1864.
Captain J. B. Brockenbrough.
Captain W. B. Pendleton, A. A. G.; wounded and disabled August 9, 1862; retired August 3, 1864.
Lieutenant W. A. Taliaferro, A. A. G.
Captain W. B. Brockett, Quartermaster, April, 1863.
Lieutenant Geo. E. Harrison, Signal Officer, April, 1865.
Major E. L. Holcome, Commissary; same to Generals Harrison and Ripley, 1863.
Lieutenant W. P. Kemp, A. D. C.; promoted Captain, 1863.
Lieutenant R. K. Meade, Jr., A. D. C., September, 1862.
Captain J. Randolph Mordecai, Quartermaster; promoted Major, 1865.
Dr. Robert Sibley, Surgeon, July, 1864.
Captain ———— Redmond, A. D. C.; killed near Jacksonville, Fla., March, 1864.
Captain P. H. Waring, A. D. C.; killed at Fort Wagner, S. C.
Major W. B. Stanard, C. S.; transferred to General J. E. B. Stuart's Staff.