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can be transmitted through the lip, pray, believe me you are wrong. You will never be able merely through the lip, to give the message that India, I hope will one day deliver to the world. I myself have been fed up" with speeches and lectures. I accept the lectures that have been delivered here during the last two days from this category, because they were necessary. But I do venture to suggest to you that we have now reached al- most the end of our resources in speech- making, and it is not enough that our ears are feasted, that our eyes are feasted, but it is necessary that our hearts have got to be touched and that our hands and feet have got to be moved. We have been told during the last two days how necessary it is, if we are to retain our hold tipcn the simplicity of Indian charac- ter that our hands and feet should move in unison with our hearts. But this is only by way of pre- face. I wanted to say it is a matter of deep humiliation and shame for us that 1 am compelled this evening under the shadow of this great college, in this sacred city, to address my countrymen in a language that is foreign to me. I know that if I was appointed an examiner, to examine all those who have been attending during these two days this series of lectures, most of those who might be examined upon these lectures would fail. And why? Because they have not been touched, I was present at the sessions of the great Congress in the month of Decem- ber. There was a much vaster audience, and will you believe me when I tell you that the only speeches that touched that huge audience in Bombay were the speeches that were delivered in Hindustani ? In Bombay, mind you, not in Benares where everybody speaks Hindi. But between the varnaculars of the Bombay Presidency

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