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If we mean to do this, we have no time to lose. I wish the names of the fittest and the strongest in every village will be selected and sent up. I ask this of you, brothers and sisters. To explain things to you, and to clear the many questions that will arise, meetings will be held in important villages. Volunteers will also be sent out.


On the publication of the " Report on Constitutional Reforms " by the Rt. Hon. Mr. E. S. Montagu and //, fl. Lord Ohelmsford, Mr. Gandhi wrote the following letter (dated, July 18, 1918) to the Hon. (now the Rt. //on, Mr. V. S. Srinivasa Sastri, who had invited him to give an expression of his views on the subject for publication in the " Servant of India: 9 Mr. Gandhi wrote :

After all, our standard of measurement must be the Congress-League scheme. Crude though it is, I think that we should with all the vehemence and skill, that we can command, press for the incorporation into it of the essentials of our own.


I would, therefore, for instance, ask for the rejection of the doctrine of compartments. I very much fear that the dual system in the Provinces will be fatal to the success of the experiment and as it may be only the success of the experiment that can take us to the next and I hope the final stage, we cannot be too insistent that the idea of reservation should be dropped. One cannot help noticing an unfortunate suspicion of our intentions regarding the

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