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xii UNITED STATES 1876-78 ; Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts, 1879, and Governor from 1880 to 1882 ; member of U. S. House of Representatives, Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, and Fiftieth Congresses ; appointed Secretary of the Navy March 5, 1897. The Secretary of the Navy has the general superintendence of con- struction, manning, armament, equipment, and employment of vessels of war. The Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and the attaches of what is known as the Secretary's office are civilians, while the heads of all bureaus are navy officers. Assistant Secretary. — Charles H. Allen. Performs such duties as the Secretary may assign to him or as may be required by law. Chief Clerk. — B. F. Peters. Has general charge of the records and correspondence of the Secretary's office. Disbursing Clerk. — F. H. Stickney. Pays salaries of clerks and em- ployees and settles accounts against the Department. Bureau of Ordnance. — Commander Charles ,0'i\^6'27. Chief. Looks after the manufacture or purchase of offensive and defensive arms and apparatus, ammunition, war explosives, vessels for submarine torpedo service, magazines on shore, and all machinery, apparatus, equipment, and things for use with the above. Bureau of Equipment. — Commander R. B. Bradford., Chief. Duties relate to the general equipment of all vessels. Bureau of Navigation. — Capt. A. S. Crotoninshield., Chief. Duties relate to tlie promulgation, record, and* enforcement of the Secretary's orders to fleets and to the officers of the navy, except such orders as per- tain to the immediate office of the Secretary ; has charge of the education of officers and men, including the Naval Academy and technical schools (except the War College and Torpedo School), the apprentice establish- ment, and the schools for the technical education of enlisted men ; the enlistment and discharge of all enlisted persons ; controls all rendezvous and receiving ships, and provides transportation. Bureau of Yards and Docks. — Civil Engineer Modecai T. Endicott, Chief. Is charged with the planning, construction, and maintenance of all docks, wharves, slips, piers, etc., and buildings of all kinds for what- ever purposes needed by the navy. Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. — Paymaster-General Edwin Ste^v- art. Chief. Supplies the navy with provisions, clothing, small stores, etc. Bureau of Steam Engineering. — Engineer-in-Chief George W. Mel- ville, Chief. Duties relate to the designing, building, fitting out, repair- ing, and engineering of the steam machinery used for the propulsion of naval vessels. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. — Surg. Gen. W. K. Van lieypen, Chief. Supervises laboratories, naval hospitals, and dispensaries, and furni-shes all supplies, medicines, and instruments required for the medical department of the navy. Bureau of Construction and Bepair. — Chief Constructor Philip Hich- horn, Chief.' Duties relate to the designing, building, fitting, and repair- ing the hulls of vessels and their equipment ; has control of all vessels building and under repair. Jiidge Advocate-General. —Capt. Samuel C. Lemly. Office of yautical Almanac. — Prof. William H<trkness, Director. Naval War Records Office and Library. — Prof. E. K. Bawson, Superintendent. Board of Inspection and Survey. — Capt. Frederick Eodgers, President.