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The goods represented by this total of somewhat over 1,700 million pounds sterling were not all available for immediate personal consumption, since, in order that production might continue on a permanent basis, provision had to be made for the maintenance of plant and other forms of capital. There are also other classes of the community, such as doctors, lawyers, and domestic servants, who do not produce material goods but acquire them in exchange for services. The total income of the country is made up of the value of the goods consumed or saved and of services, not embodied in material goods, rendered by some of its inhabitants to others for payment. This is estimated for 1907 at from 1,900 to 2,150 million pounds sterling, of which a sum lying between 320 and 350 millions sterling represents additions by all classes to savings and investments. Comparing the net output (712,000,000 £.) of the industries dealt with in returns made to the Census of Production Office, after allowing for renewals of plant &c., with this estimate of the total income of the United Kingdom, it would appear that the values created by those industries form about one-third of the available income of the country. It is believed that the census covered all employers except those whose operations were on a very small scale or of extreme irregularity.