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FRENCH. II. {R^ady in April) The Substitute By Fran9ois Coppee The Attack on the Mill . . By Emile Zola The Virgin's God-Child ... By Emile Souvestre The Sempstress's Story ... By Gustave Droz The Venus of Ille By Prosper Merimee FRENCH. III. {Ready in Ma:^^ The Hidden Masterpiece . . By Honore de Balzac The Sorrow of an Old Convict, By Pierre Loti The Mummy's Foot .... By Theophile Gautier Father and Son By Edouard Rod Laurette or the Red Seal . By Alfred de Vigny GERMAN. I. {Ready in May) The Fury .... By Paul Heyse The Philosopher's Pendulum .... By Rudolph Lindau The Bookbinder of HoRT By Leopold von Sacher-Masoch The Egyptian Fire Eater By Rudolph Baumbach The Cremona Violin . By E. T. A. Hoffman Adventures of a New- Year's Eve ... By Heinrich Zschokke GERMAN. II. {Ready in June) Christian Gellert's Last Christmas By Berthold Auerbach A Ghetto Violet ... By Leopold Kompert The Severed Hand ... By Wilhelm Hauff Peter Schlemihl ... By Adelbert von Chamisso