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STORIES BY ENGLISH AUTHORS In this set of well printed and bound volumes the publishers have gathered together the best short stories issued in recent years, with a few of the older tales which have become classics. The main plan of the books has been to pre- serve stories of genuine value and interest. The volumes have been arranged with regard to the locality of the stories, and the following list exhibits the wide scope of subjects as well as the completeness of the list of popular and standard authors presented. There are in all sixty-one complete tales. LONDON The iNCONsroERATE Waiter . By J. M. Barrie The Black Poodle .... By F. Anstey . By Arthur Morrison . By I. Zangwill . By Beatrice Harraden . By**Q" . By Marie Correlli That Brute Simmons. A Rose of the Ghetto An Idyl of London . The Omnibus .... The Hired Baby . .