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highest point; which altitude is an object of observation at far distant, rising to great extent above Omming high mountains, on her line; her last wing bending in northward, falcated in such elegant circle, that its delicious excites room in the manuscript of this delineation; the magnificent view displaying to the sight, from her spiring point, on splendor day, emphatically transcend the preceding narration of her similitude.

To enlarge on the rarity of the whole system of her excellency existence, it would protract the above definition to such degree as would be too tedious to the reader to exhibit at large, which is propriety of choosing the epitomic description.

A rock of no great distant northward from Beinvourlich, called in Gaelic, Craig-na-gour, which name in English, the rock of the goats; the probability of the discriminative appellation of styling the above-mentioned rock in the Gaelic denomination already mentioned, in consequence of so many voracious animals in the time of old among the high hills, and in other remote places, was destroyers of goats and sheep. The inhabitants resided at that time in the vicinity of the said rock was populous, their