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In the ancient time, a multitude ravished people, arriving from a far distant and remote parts, exposing themselves in such measure of rapaciously, a devourer, plunderers, addictness to plunder, seized by violence; which rapacity disturbed and perplexed the country into the highest degree of inquietness and interruption of tranquillity. It is said, that attack has been made at that time by a party of the barbarous people above narrated, to prey Glenample with rapacity of all the cattle was there, which will be illustrated by the ensuing epitomè narration.

Early on the morning a party of the ferocious people already mentioned entered the westmost limit of Glenample, whose had a piper along with them to exhilarate them in their depredate design; which musician was harbouring the case of the inhabitants, on his apprehension that the barbarous crew to whom he belong was to seize their cattle with violence, and to snatch them away, that he play up a tune to alarm them of the ravenous attack approached to them. The people at that time have the use of the intellectual faculties, that the power of their ear of judging of harmony, or any tune of pipe or fiddle, so intelligent to them, as although were