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of the murder (April 26, 1926) and the employees and members of the Capone organization promptly left Cicero as the police publicly announced that the Capone gang would be cleaned out of that town. The day after the murder Frank Pope, the manager of the gambling establishment instructed Shumway, the cashier, to return to Cicero and secure the surplus cash on hand from the gambling business which cash was kept by Shumway and Pope in a large safe in the Western Hotel. Shumway secured the cash in the safe mounting to $84,000.00 and took it to the Chicago home of Frank Pope. They then proceeded to the Atlantic Hotel where the entire sun was turned over to Jack Guzik, Louis La Cava and Frank Nitto. Frank Pope then demanded 18% of the $84,000.00, which as manager of the gambling house was his share of the net profits, and he was told that he would have to wait for it. He later made other demands for his share but claims he never was able to collect it. Within a few months the gambling business in Cicero was reopened at the same address and Frank Pope was again employed as manager. He only stayed about a week because he said that he then realized that the Capone organization did not intend to give him his share of the $84,000.00 surplus remaining undivided on April 26, 1926.

There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 8, a sworn statement dated March 10, 1931, made before me by Reverend H.C. Hoover of Berwyn, Illinois, relating to statements made by the taxpayer during and after a raid conducted by Deputy Sheriffs of Cook County and members of a citizens organization of which Mr. Hoover was the president, on the Hawthorn Smoke Shop, the gambling establishment conducted by Capone at 4818 West 22nd Street,Cicero, Illinois, on Debery Day, May 16, 1925. He states that in 1925 he was president of the West Suburban Citizens Association of Cook County; that this association secured information that a gambling establishment was being conducted at 4818 West 22nd Street, Cicero; that he and other members of the association accompanied Deputy Sheriffs lead by Lt. Davidson, in a raid on the joint on May 16, 1925; that guards were placed at all doors by the Deputy Sheriffs; that within a few minutes after the raid A1 Capone appeared accompanied by some of his followers and that Al muttered threats against him saying "It is the last raid you will ever pull. Capone then went to the cash register and took out the money on hand, and Mr. Hoover asked of the bystanders, "Who is this man". Capone spoke up and said "Al Brown, if that is good enough for you", also, "Why are you fellows always picking on me". Mr. Hoover further stated that:

"Muttering and grumbling, Capone went out and disappeared down the stairs. Some time later, possibly twenty or twenty-five minutes, he re-appeared, neatly dressed and shaven and clothed

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