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"Q Was that particular court hearing with reference to an action against a road house known as The Harlem Tavern, at Harlem, and 43rd Street, Stickney?

A Yes.

Q Was that place later padlocked as a nuisance by the States Attorney's Office?

A Yes.

Q Was the name, Mr. Louis Lipschultz, mentioned as one of the owners of that property?

A I personally got the name of that owner, but I do not even recall what his name is. I got the owner's name in the record of this case, and his lease was before the court as owner of the property.

Q During the raid that occurred at 4818 West 22nd Street, was it evident that Mr. Al Capone was the owner of the place by any other circumstance or action, other than his statement to you that he was the owner of the place?

A His orders to the employees and the people in the place, and their recognition of his authority was evidence to anybody that he was.

Q Did you see or hear him issue orders to employees in that place at the time?

A Understand that we had the place under arrest, and that all these fellows were lined up so that he couldn't give orders in the sense of telling them to do something that we wouldn't permit them to do, but I recall very distinctly that his authority was evidenced there by his oonversation and the conversation of workers and people who were running the gambling joint.

Q Then the actions of Mr. Capone and the actions of employees in the gambling establishment which you observed during the raid, made it quite evident the they regarded Mr. Capone as the proprietor of the place?

A Absolutely."

There is transmitted herewith as Exhibit No. 10, a transcript of the testimony of David H. Morgan relating to the raid on the gambling establishment known as the Hawthorn Smoke Shop on May 16, 1925. He

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