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"and put in the safe by them. It was part of my duty as cashier to check all the money in the safe and to arrange to have sufficient cash on hand for each day's business in the shape of bills of different denominations and coins of different denominations so that change could be readily made. I would take sums of money to the bank and have it changed into the denominations that I considered necessary to conduct the race track betting and the games of chance. Some of the other employees of the gambling house in which I was employed in 1927 and 1928 were Pete Penovich, who, part of the time, was referred to as manager; Frank Milano, who was pay-off cashier for the race track bets; a man referred to as 'Post Time', also as Dominick Volpe, whom I had identified as No.4 on Pictures 1266 and 1266-A; Frank Ryan, who succeeded Penovich as manager and whom I have identified as No. 3 on Pictures 1266 and 1266-A; and the man marked No. 1. on Pictures 1267 and 1267-A is Frank Milano. Frank Ryan had charge of the gambling business after Pete Penovioh was no longer connected with the business. The other persons in Pictures 1266 and 1266-A are as follows:

1. Mike King

2. George Durkin

4. Dominick Volpe, known as 'Post Time'

5. Charles McCullough

6. George Bear

7. George King

"These men listed above were employees in gambling houses where I worked. The other persons in Pictures 1267 and 1267-A are as follows:

1. Frank Milano

2. Frank Milano's brother

3. Al Gordon, known as The Greek

4. Fred Orlando

5. Charles Sklodowski

6. Mibs

"These men listed above were employees in the gambling houses where I worked as cashier.

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