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the government, as we found that the taxpayer was attempting to dispose of his home, the household furniture, two yachts and a McFarlane automobile for $150,000.00. The assessment was made and due notice served on the taxpayer at Chicago on October 24, 1931. The assessment against Alphonse and Mae Capone for four years, 1926 to 1929, inclusive, was $137,328.16. On that date liens were filed by the Collector at the county seat of Dade County, Florida, and the caretaker on the premises was warned not to remove or allow other persons to remove the personal property in violation of the lien. There is attached as Exhibit 165, a copy of a telegram sent by Capone on July 6, 1931 to the White Realty Company, Miami Beach, Florida, in which he offered his home for $150,000.00 cash, including the furniture, two yachts and a McFarlane automobile. There is attached as Exhibit No.166-A a certificate of appraisal made by two members of the Miami Real Estate Association appraising his home at $65,000.00. As this investigation established that the funds for the purchase of the home and for the improvement of the estate were entirely furnished by the taxpayer, Al Capone, it is believed that the government lien covering the property is valid and it is recommended that unless the tax assessed is paid within a reasonable time that appropriate steps be taken to foreclose the lien and cause the sale of this property, the proceeds to be applied to the unpaid taxes.

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