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[The numerals refer to pages]

Abstract ideas of degree, 50.

Accessible ground, 100, 101, 119.

Accommodating oneself to the enemy, 145, 148.

Adaptation to circumstances, 23.

Aides-de-camp, 171.

"Aids to Scouting," quoted, 88, 89, 107, 164.

Alliances, 60, 119, 140, 142.

Allotments of land, 62.

Alps, crossings of the, 57.

Amiot, Pere, vii, i.

Anger, succeeded by gladness, 159.

Army, divisions of the, 17, 33.

Army on the march, 140.

Arsenals, burning of, 151.

"Art of War," quoted by Han Hsin, 144.

Art of war in a nutshell, 44.

Athletics, 124.

Attack, skill in, 28.

Attack and defence, 25, 44.

Autumn hair, 29.

Baden-Powell, General. See "Aids to Scouting."

Baggage, 58.

Baggage-train, 60.

Baggage-trains, burning of, 151.

Bait, offered by the enemy, 68.

Balancing of chances, 31.

Banners. See Flags and banners.

Bases of supply, 60.

Beasts, startled, sign of surprise attack, 89.

Belgians at Waterloo, 130.

Benevolence to spies, 170.

Biot's Chou Li, ix.

Birds rising, sign of ambuscade, 89.

Blucher, 48.

Bluster, 95.

Boers, 18.

"Book of Army Management," 63.

Buff-coats, 58.

Burning one's boats, 133.

Calamities, six, 105.

Calthrop, Capt. : his edition of Sun Tzti's text, xxxii; his translation of Sun Tzu, viii ; quoted, passim.

Camp, shifting, 133.

Camping, 80 sqq.

Cannae, battle of, u.

Casinum, 140.

"Catalogue of Chinese Books," xxxiv.

Chan Kuo Ts'e, quoted, 10; referred to, xxiv.

Chan Ton Ta Chia Ping Fa, xviii.

Chang Ao, a commentator, xlii.

Chang Hsiu, 69.

Chang Liang, li, 109, 116.

Chang Ni, 144.

Chang Shang-ying, lii.

Chang Shou-chieh, xvi, xvii.

Chang Tsai, li.

Chang Tzu-shang, a commentator, xli.