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(2) So long as such delegation continues:

(a) if the Advisory Board recommends the cancellation of such an order and if the Government of the Federation or the Govemment of Singapore so decide, the said order shall be cancelled;
(b) if the Advisory Board recommends confirmation of such an order such order may only be cancelled if both Governments concur.

(3) The Chairman and Members of the Advisory Board shall so long as such delegation continues be appointed by the Government of the Federation with the concurrence of the Government of Singapore,

(4) The Government of the Federation will rake such steps as may be appropriate and available to them to secure the enactment by Parliament of an act to extend the operation of the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Ordinance so long as such delegation continues.

Article IV

This Agreement is supplementary to the Agreement Relating to Malaysia done at London on the 9th July, 1963.[1]

Done at Kuala Lumpur this llth day of September, 1963.

For the United Kingdom:

For the Federation of Malaya:

For Singapore: