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with the Ephesians your brethren; and who has in all Things refreshed me.

21 And I would to God that all would imitate him, as being a pattern of the ministry of God. May his grace fully reward him.

22 I salute your very worthy bishop, and your venerable presbytery; and your deacons, my fellow-servants; and all of you in general, and every one in particular, in the name of Jesus Christ, and in his flesh and blood; in his passion and resurrection both fleshly and spiritually; and in [1]the unity of God with you.

23 Grace be with you, and mercy, and peace, and patience, for evermore.

24 I salute the families of my brethren, with their wives and children; and the [2]virgins that are called widows. Be strong in the power of the Holy Ghost. Philo, who is present with me salutes you.

25 I salute the house of Tavias, and pray that it may be strengthened in faith and charity, both of flesh and spirit.

26 I salute Alce my well-beloved, [3]together with the incomparable Daphnus, and Eutechnus, and all by name.

27 Farewell in the grace of God.

To the Smyrnæans from Troas.



Ignatius blesses God for the firm establishment of Polycarp in the faith, and gives him particular directions for improving it.

IGNATIUS, who is also called Theophorus, to Polycarp, bishop of the church which is at Smyrna; their overseer, but rather himself overlooked by God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ; all happiness.

2 Having known that thy mind towards God, is fixed as it were upon an immoveable rock; I exceedingly give thanks, that I have been thought worthy to behold thy blessed face, in which may I always rejoice in God.

3 Wherefore I beseech thee by the grace of God with which thou art clothed, to press forward in thy course, and to exhort all others that they may be saved.

4 Maintain thy place with all care both of flesh and spirit: Make it thy endeavour to preserve unity, than which nothing is better. Bear with all men even as the Lord with thee.

5 Support all in love, as also thou dost. Pray without ceasing: ask more understanding than what thou already hast. Be watchful, having thy spirit always awake.

6 Speak to every one [4]according as God shall enable thee. Bear the infirmities of all, as a perfect combatant; where the labour is great, the gain is the more.

7 If thou shalt love the good disciples, what thank is it? But rather do thou subject to thee those that are mischievous, in meekness.

8 Every wound is not healed

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