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to her as her brother; and here the same surprise was expressed, and the same conversation ensued as when he visited his other sisters. The queen was rejoiced to see him, and gave him a most affectionate and cordial reception. She was much interested to hear all that her brother related to her of her parents and sisters, whom she had almost forgotten, as she was so young when she was taken from her home.

Presently the king of birds arrived, flapping his great wings. He was pleased to see his wife's brother, and entertained him sumptuously whilst he remained with them. As he left the realm of happy birds, the king gave him a beautiful feather from his great wing, saying, "If ever you are in trouble, remember to call me to your assistance and you will always find me ready to assist you."

When the young man left the palace he bent his steps towards home, rejoicing that he had discovered the homes of all his sisters, and that he left them happy and prosperous. He was also well satisfied with the reception accorded him by his brothers-in-law, and with the rich presents he had received. Proceeding on his journey he entered a forest and lost his way. After wandering a long time, unable to find his way out, he met a countryman, who put him in the right track. As soon as he was out of the forest he sighted a great tower, and having asked what that building was, a woman replied:—