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A certain king had a daughter whom he wished to see married, and to that end he invited to his court a number of princes from almost every country, that the princess might make her choice among them. But though these princes were eager to please, did their best to engage her affections, and were most particular to dress magnificently, with large aigrets of diamonds on their caps, which were worked with gold thread, and wore bands across their shoulders in which were set splendid rubies and emeralds of the first water, still there was not one she could admire or care for; and on being questioned by the king, she said the only man she would have for her husband would be the nobleman who had green blinds to his windows, for he had golden hair and beard, and silver teeth. The king, when he heard this, sent messengers all over the world to look for this wonderful personage, and find out where he lived; but all their search was in vain, for everywhere they were told that no such person had ever been heard of.