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A king, who lived in the good old days of romance, had a daughter, and when she came of age he arranged a marriage for her with the great Count of Paris, but in order that the young people might know each other before they were formally engaged, he invited the Count to his Court. The young man accordingly came, escorted by a noble train of attendants, bringing presents to the king and the princess which were worthy of their magnificence. In compliment to the royal guest, the king gave a grand sumptuous feast, of more than usual richness and variety, to which were invited all his nobles and the Count's retinue. During the repast, the princess looked very happy, and the Count was evidently charmed and captivated with her loveliness, her sweet face, and beautiful simplicity, while the king was joyful and merry, and so were the general company, who kept up an animated conversation, the general topic being the approaching marriage and the festivities that would follow on the great occasion to which all were looking forward