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This page needs to be proofread.

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J?*3 s#; si I •■t * . sff o THE MOST SACRED BIBLE, aofcicfce fe tbe bolg fertpture 3 con= tuning tbe olb ant) neto teftawent, tranOateS into dBnglflfcatib netolg tecoantfeis toittj great diligence after rooftfaplbfulerem* l)Ut1Cj8,to> RT CHARD TAVERNER r^fcadrtnthouheueu, anb thou ?atth gout btcHOMbcftojUctpeaketft. ffitote.i-

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EraipnttD at flam&onmiUetf ftreteat (C^CVM PRIVILECIO a «/ imprimendum/olum. ML. I). XXXIX. N£V* ll> £#■ VvxS mr

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