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CHAPTER VIII.—Belief in the Metempsychosis—Aboriginal Women—Powers of Mimicry—A "Barbarous" Practice—Tattooing—Modes of Fishing—Lex Talionis 62
CHAPTER IX.—Armoury—Utensils 76
CHAPTER X.—Funeral Notes—Sponsorial Custom—Juvenile Spirits—Personal Bravery—"Striking a Light"—The Bough of Peace 87
CHAPTER XI.—Misgivings—Tribes of Botany Bay and Port Jackson—Manly Cove and Rushcutters' Bay 95
CHAPTER XII.—Confidence and Caution—Capture and Escape of Binnelong and Cole-be—Subsequent History of Binnelong 105
CHAPTER XII.—Hospitality and Resentment—Primitive Art—Amputation of the Little Finger—Sorcery 118
CHAPTER XIV.—The "Rising" of 1842-4 130
CHAPTER XV.—The Myall Creek Massacre 141
CHAPTER XVI.—The Coo-ee—Numbers of the Aboriginals 155