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220 Light in the Darkness
(LIFE-BOAT. 11,11,11,12. With Refrain)
Philip P. Bliss Philip P. Bliss

1.Light in the darkness, sailor, day is at hand!
See o'er the foam ing billows fair Haven's land,
Drear was the voyage, sailor, now almost o'er ;
Safe with - in the life-boat, sail - or, pull for the shore !
Pull for shore, sail or, pull for the shore,
Heed not the roll-ing waves, but bend to the oar
Safe in the life-boat, sail or, cling to self no more!
Leave the poor old stranded wreck, and pull for the shore.
2.Trust in the lifeboat, sailor ; all else will fail,
Stronger the surges dash and fierc - er the gale;
Heed not the stormy winds, tho' loudly they roar;
Watch the 'Bright and Morning Star,' and pull for the shore!
3.Bright gleams the morning, sailor; uplift the eye :
Clouds and darkness disappearing, glory is nigh!
Safe in the lifeboat, sailor, sing ev - er-more '
Glory, glory, halleluah 'pull for the shore!