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Watchman, Tell Us of the Night 45
(WATCHMAN 7,7,7,7,D.)
John Bowring, 1825 Lowell Mason, 1830

Watch -man, tell us of the night,
What its signs of prom - ise are:
Trav - 'ler, o'er yon moun- tain's height,
See that glo - ry - beam - ing star ;
Watch - man, doth its beau - teous ray
Aught of joy or hope fore -tell ?
Trav - 'ler, yes ; it brings the day,
Prom-ised day of Is - ra - el.


Watch - man, tell us of the night,
High - er yet that star as-cends ;
Trav - 'ler,bless - ed - ness and light,
Peace and truth, its course por-tends.
Watch -man, will its beams a - lone
Gild the spot that gave them birth?
Trav - 'ler, a - ges are its own,
See, it bursts o'er all the earth.


Watch - man, tell us of the night,
For the morn - ing seems to dawn :
Trav - 'ler, dark - ness takes its flight,
Doubt and ter ror are withdrawn.
Watch - man, let thy wan-d 'rings cease ;
Hie thee to thy qui - et home :
Trav -'ler, lo, the Prince of Peace,
Lo, the Son of God is come. A - men.