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All Glory, Laud, and Honor 55
(ST. THEODULPH. 7,6,7,6,D.)
Thedolph of Orleans, circa 820
Translated by John M. Neale, 1854
Melchior Teschner, 1615



All glo - ry laud and hon - our To the Re - deem - er King. To whom the lips of children Made sweet ho - san - nas ring! The peo - ple of the He - brews With palms be - fore thee went; Our praise and prayer and an - thems Be-fore thee we pre - sent.


Thou art the King of Is - rael, Thou Da - vid's roy - al Son, Who in the Lord's name com - est, The King and bless - ed One! To thee, be - fore thy pas - sion, They sang their hymns of praise; To thee now high ex - alted Our mel - o - dy we raise.


Thou didst ac - cept their praise - es; Ac - cept the prayers we bring, Who in all goo de - light - est, Thou good andgracious King! All glo - ry, laud and hon - or To thee, Re - deemer, King, To whom the lips of chil - dren Made sweet ho-san-nas ring! A-men