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Amongst a large number of books there should be an agreeable variety of styles, so that the effect may be in harmony with the colours around, and produce as pleasing a contrast as possible.

Tools and Materials required for Finishing.Rolls, fillets, pallets, centre and corner tools of every possible class and character; type of various sizes for the lettering of books or labels.

Cross-hatched illustration of a type-holder. Cross-hatched illustration of a pallet.
Type-holder. Pallet.
Cross-hatched illustration of a fillet.

The type may be either of brass or of the usual printer's metal; if the latter be chosen, care must be taken that it be not left at the fire too long, or it will melt. Type-holders to hold the type, which are made to fit the respective sizes are necessary, but one or two with a spring side, adjusted by screw at the side, will be found convenient for any sized type. In England it is the custom to letter books with hand letters, each letter being separate and fixed in a handle. I have, however, little doubt that these will in time be laid aside, and that the type and type case will be found in every bookbinder’s shop.

Polishing irons. Of these two are necessary—one for the sides and one for the backs. There is generally a third