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months" in Sian Eu. In the following year he reported that "a house has been rented in Siau Fu and peaceably occupied." The sales of the Book-shop during twenty-one months had amounted to £321. At this time the Rev. E. Morgan joined the workers. In 1898 Dr. Creasey Smith entered Shensi to open up medical work. In consequence of various necessary changes, the Baptist Missionary Society has not been able to keep a strong staff in this field. In 1902 Dr. Moir Duncan removed to the Taiyuan Fu University and Mr. Morgan was transferred to Shansi, so that Mr. and Mrs. Shorrock have been compelled to labour practically alone, for Mr. Cheesman, who was appointed to join them, soon died. In one of the last reports of the Baptist Missionary Society, however, it was stated that, "The little band of thirty (87 ? see p. 207) Christians who emigrated from Shantung and settled in Shensi some fourteen years ago has now grown into a Church of 618 members and 1200 learners, with over 400 scholars. This community embraces people from four different provinces."

The only other Society having any workers in this province is the British and Foreign Bible Society, which has an agent at Sian Fu.