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at least a difficulty for Mission work. Our most intelligent younger men, in full sympathy with these new movements, and attracted by a wider outlook, are drawn to many spheres of activity outside the older lines of church work. It will become increasingly difficult to retain the best of our men in the direct service of the Church, and, on the other hand, men of a lower intellectual grade will become increasingly unequal to the demands made upon them. At the same time, the growing sense of power, and love of independence, in the Chinese Church will need full recognition, and will call for the most sympathetic and kindly welcome and guidance on the part of all missionaries.

What is needed, in view alike of our opportunities and of our dangers, is the gift to the Chinese Church and to the missionaries alike of a more intense and manifest spiritual life. There have been movements of quickening in the churches of Manchuria, Fukien, and other parts of the Empire. May a like experience of revived life, manifesting itself in larger fruits of holiness and energy, be granted soon to the churches of Kwangtung!