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{{c|(101) Suthora ruficeps ruficeps.

The Red-headed Suthoea.

Chleuasicus rnjlceps Blyth, J. A.S.B., xiv, p. 578 (1845) (Sikkim).

Suthora ruficeps. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 67.

Vernacular names. Chongto-pliejj-j^ho (Lepcha).

Description. Forehead and crest to hind neck bright chestnut; sides of the head and neck paler; lower plumage white, tinged with pink on the breast; upper plumage rufous-brown, deeper on the tail and exposed parts of the wings; shafts of chin-feathers distinctly black.

Colours of soft parts. Bill creamy or fleshy white or pale horny; legs greenish plumbeous; iris bright red-brown.

Measurements. Total length about 150 mm.; wing 75 to 78 mm.; tail about 80 mm.; tarsus about 23-5 mm.; culmen about 7'5 nmi.

Distribution. Sikkim only. Nidification unknown.

Habits. A very rare bird found in Sikkim at 7,000 feet upwards. The habits are probably much the same as those of the next bird.

(102) Suthora ruficeps atrosuperciliaris.

The BLACK-niiOWED Stjtiioka.

Chleuasicus ruficeps var. atrosuperciliaris Godw.-Aust., V. A. S. Beug.,

1877, p. 147 (Sadly a, Assam). Suthora atrisupercilia?-is. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 67.

Vernacular names. Dao-mougaslia (Cachari).

Description. Differs from the last bird in being darker and more richly coloured everywhere and in having a well-defined black eyebro'.

Colours of soft parts. Maxilla fleshy, the culmen and base a little darker and becoming bluish next the forehead, lower mandible pale fleshy, the gonys almost white; irides hght bright brown; legs pale, clear bluish plumbeous, claws paler still.

Measurements. Total length 145tol50mm.; wing 57to59mm.; tail about 9U mm.; culmen about 10 mm. and fron) gape about 12 mm.

Distribution. From Cachar to Lakhimpur in Assam, south of the Brahmaputra and east of the Dibong in the Abor and Miri Hills, north of the same river and thence eastwards to Yunnan through the Shan States. Godw in-Austen's birds irom Baladhan were undoubtedly of this and not the last race.

Nidification. The only nest I have seen of this bird was an exact miniature of those of Paradoxornis and Psittiparus. Out- wardly it measured 2'5" x 3" deep and inwardly 2" x 2". It was composed of fine shreds of grass and reed-bark with a liuing of