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If something is not speedily given, the singers begin banging stove - plates, jingling bells, and sing :

" Just give us a pie, If you don't give a pie We'll break in the gate. If you give not a potful of groats We'll drive a dungfork through its side ; Just give us a cake, A small pot of millet seed groats. Taunsyai /"

When they have obtained pancakes, trotters, and millet groats through the window, they begin praising the people of the house :

" Deny an Lasunyas's Dwelling house is bright. His windows white, An ornamented gate, Red painted posts. Taunsyai I

" Deny an Lasnnyas Is a bright moon, His wife Masai (beautiful) A ruddy sun, [While] Denyans bairns Are very stars.

Taunsyai !

  • ' May Deny an' s crops increase

Till doors won't hold them all, His sucking pigs increase, His calves, his lambs, His geese, his swans. And his grey ducks. Taunsyai f'

When this is concluded the children enter the house, and the eldest, who carries the sack, takes from his glove some seeds of various kinds, and throws them at the people of the house with the words :

May Pas the Provider send you crops."

The people collect the seeds to put by till the time for sowing arrives. When the children have completed the rounds of the village they assemble in some house and eat what they have collected. They