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THE following is a List of Books which the Society is desirous of having tabulated as soon as possible. The names of those who have undertaken to do certain volumes are set opposite the titles of the books in the column provided for the purpose. The remaining volumes, where there is no name of a tabulator inserted in the column, require volunteers, and any one desirous of assisting in the work is requested to communi- cate to the Director the name of the volume or volumes chosen.

Country Title Tabulator.
Austria Vernaleken's "In the Land of Marvels," Folktales from Austria and Bohemia. 1884. (60 tales.)  
Britain and Ireland. Campbell's "Popular Tales of the West Highlands," 1860. 1862. (80 tales.) Mr. Alfred Nutt
Chambers' "Popular Rhymes of Scotland," 1841. (pp. 48-108.)  
Folklore Society's publications : chiefly "Record" and "Journal." Mr. Ordish.
Guest's "Mabinogion." 1877.  
Halliwell's "Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Tales of Old England." (pp. 146-204.)  
Hunt's "Popular Romances of the West of England." Mr. J.J. Foster.
Croker's "Fairy Legends of Ireland." 1825-1826. (38 tales.) Mr. H.B. Wheatley
Joyce's "Old Celtic Romances" 1879.  
Kennedy's "Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts." 1866. (10 tales.)  
Kennedy's "Fireside Stories of Ireland." 1870, (51 tales.) Mrs. Gomme
Kennedy's "Bardic Stories of Ireland." 1871. (10 tales.)  
Wilde's "Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland." 2 vols. 1887.  

Tabulator. Mb. Alfred Nutt. Mr. Ordish. Mr. J. J. Foster. Mr. H. B. Wheat- ley. Mrs. Gomme.