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[No. 11,] Title of Story.—Brother and Sister.

Dramatis Personae-— Brother. — Sister. — Mother. — Witch step-mother. — Three bewitched brooks. — Roe. — King. — Huntsmen. — Queen's little boy, — Step-mother. — One-eyed daughter. — Nurse. — Guards.— Judge.

Abstract of Story.— (l) Little brother and sister wander forth into the world to escape ill-treatment of step-mother. Tired and hungry they reach by nightfall a large forest, and fall asleep in a hollow tree. Next day the sun is hot, and they go in search of brook which they hear running, for little brother is thirsty.— (2) But wicked step-mother had seen children go away, and had crept after them and bewitched all the brooks in forest. When brother is about to drink, brook says whoever drinks will become a tiger. Sister persuades him to seek another. Second brook they find says whoever drinks will become a wolf. Third brook says whoever drinks will become a roebuck; but brother can resist no longer, takes a draught at this one, and is transformed. Brother and sister weep together, but she promises never to leave the little roe, and ties her golden garter round its neck, and makes a soft cord of rushes, and leads it further into forest.— (3) They come to a little house and resolve to live there. Sister makes bed of moss for the roe, and every morning gathers roots and berries for her own food, and grass for his. At night pillows her head on roe's back. After some time king of the country holds great hunt in forest. Roebuck hearing hounds and huntsmen begs hard to be allowed to go, promising to return in the evening, knock, and say, " My little sister let me in." Bounds happily away; king and huntsm-en try to catch him, but he hides in bushes, and when it is dark returns to cottage, gives password, and is admitted. — (4) Next day, on hear- ing bugle horn, he again begs to be let out. King and huntsmen see his golden collar and chase him all day. He is surrounded by the huntsmen in the evening and wounded in foot. Hunter creeps after him as he limps to cottage, hears the password, and returns to inform king. Sister is alarmed at roe's hurt, dresses wound with herbs, and next morning it is well. Again roebuck longs for the chase, and sister predicts his death if he goes. Roebuck can Dot be pacified, and she is forced to yield. — (5) King commands huntsmen to chase all day till nightfall, taking care that no one harms roebuck. At sunset king is conducted to cottage, gives password, and is admitted by the most beautiful maiden. She is alarmed to see man with golden crown instead of her roe. King asks her to marry him, and she consents on con- dition that roe may be always with her. Just then roe returns, and she puts cord of rushes on him, and all go to palace. Wedding is celebrated. — (6) Wicked step-mother, who had thought brother and sister had perished, is filled with envy and hatred hearing of their happiness. Her own ugly one- eyed daughter grumbles because she is not in queen's place. — (7) Queen has