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[No. 13.]

Title of Story.— The Pack of Ragamuffins.

Dramatis Personae — Cock.— Hen.— Duck.— Pin.— Needle.— Innkeeper.

Abstract of Story.— (l) Cock and hen go to hill to feast on nuts before the squirrel gets them all. Having eaten all day they are too fat to walk home, so cock builds little carriage of nutshells. Hen gets in and tells cock to har- ness himself to it.— (2) Cock objects to this, and whilst they dispute, a duck approaches and rates them for robbing his nut-hill, fights with cock, and being sorely wounded, begs for mercy, and submits to be harnessed to car- riage. Cock sits on box and drives at a gallop.— (3) They meet two foot- passengers, pin and needle, who beg for a lift as it is getting dark, and they have stayed too long at tailors' public-house over their beer. Being slim people, they are taken into carriage. — (4) They arrive late at an inn ; host at first objects to admit such undistinguished personages. But he is promised the egg which hen laid on the way, and also he may keep the duck, which lays one every day; so he consents to admit them for the night. — (5) Early next morning cock wakes hen, and they eat egg together, throwing the shell on the hearth. Then they take needle, still asleep, by the head, and stick it into cushion of landlord's chair ; put pin in his toAvel ; and fly away over the heath. Duck, who has preferred sleeping in the open air, hears them departing, finds a stream, and swims away down it.— (6) Two hours later landlord uses towel, and pin scratches his face from ear to ear. Goes to kitchen to light his pipe, and eggshell darts into his eyes. Sits down angrily in his grandfather's chair, and is pricked by needle. Is thoroughly enraged, suspects his guests, and finds on looking that they have gone. Vows never again to admit ragamuffins who consume much, pay for nothing, and play mischievous tricks to boot.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Carriage made of nutshells (2).

Nuts eaten by cock and hen (1).

Pin and needle ask to ride in nutshell carriage (3).

Tricks played on landlord by cock and hen (5).

Where published.— Grimm's Household Tales. London, 1884. Tale No. 10, vol. i. pp. 42-44.

Nature of Collection, whether :—

1. Original or translation. — Translation by Margaret Hunt.

2. If hj word of mouth, state narrator's name.

3. Other particulars.

Special Points noted by the Editor of the above — See Author's notes,

vol. i. p. 351. Remarks by the Tabulator.— Cf. variant No. 41, "Herr Korbes."

(Signed) Makian Roalfe Cox.

Vol. 7.— Part 3. y