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[Ko. 25.]

Title of Story. — Story of the Kites and the Crows.

Dramatis Personse.— -King of Crows.— Crows.— King of kites. — Kites.

Abstract of Story. — King of crows sent letter to king of kites, asking him to be his soldier. Receiving refusal, king of crows fought king of kites. Crows were beaten. At one crow's suggestion they fled to another town, kites taking possession of their old one, — (2) Crows took counsel; and one of them suggesting that his feathers should be plucked off, and he should be thrown into kites' town, his wishes were granted. Kites found him j and he said, to inquiry what he was doing there, that companions had turned him out because he told them to obey the kites. — (.B) Crow taken to king of kites, told him similar story. King told him to stay there. After many days they went to church, kites asking him, on coming out, whether they or he worshipped God the best, he replying they. Kites became fond of him. Night before kites' feast-day crow went and told crows to-morrow kites would go to church, when they should put fire outside door. Fire and firewood were fetched. — (4) Morning kites went to church, crow giving reason for stopping away that he was indisposed. Crows fired church. King and kites nearly all died, remaining ones fled when crows took town.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Battle between kings of crows and kites (1).

Crow personates kite (2), invited to stop in kites' town by king (3).

Church fired by crows (4).

Where published. — SwaMU Tales, by Edward Steere. London, 1870. Story No. 10, pp. 365—367.

Nature of Collection, whether:—

1. Original or translation. — Translated from Swahili by Dr. Steere.

2. If by word of mouth state narrator\'i name. — Told to Dr. Steere by

Mohammed bin Khamis. B. Otlier ijarticnlars.

Special Points noted by the Editor of the above.— The narrator, on the

inspiration of the moment, out of compliment to us, has substituted church for mosque.

Remarks by the Tabulator nh.

(Signed) Janet Key.