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[No. 29.]

Title of Story.— Filagranata.

Dramatis PerSOnaB.— Poor woman.— Witch.— Heroine : Filagranata (poor woman's first child). Hero : Prince. — Pigeons. — Prince's horse.— Little old woman (fairy). — Chancellor. — Queen - mother. — Princess. — Two paste pigeons.

Abstract of Story. — (l) Poor woman steals parsley from garden of witch, found out, has to promise first child to witch in expiation. — (2) First child girl, Filagranata, goes according to agreement to live with witch; ** as soon as she was of an age to dress herself without help," is imprisoned in tower, no door or staircase, visited once a day by witch who is drawn up by Filagranata's hair, on repeating a rhyming formula. — (3) Prince comes riding by in search of a wife, overhears witch, sees Filagranata at window. When witch goes away he repeats formula, and is drawn up into tower with his steed. Witch returns, Filagranata by touch of wand turns prince and horse into pomegranate and orange. Witch comes up. "What a stink of Christians," says she; finds out nothing, goes away. Filagranata restores prince and steed to natural shape. Prince proposes marriage. Filagranata consents, mounts behind Prince, they ride off. — (4) Witch pursues; they come to a wood, see little old woman (fairy) making signs ; they stop, she gives them three magic gifts to be thrown down in the way of the witch, viz. a mason's trowel, a comb, a jar of oil ; she whispers to Filagranata. — (5) Witch close behind, Prince throws down trowel, huge wall rises, hinders witch, but she soon overtakes them. — (6) Prince throws down comb, strong hedge of thorns rises, witch takes some time to get through, but soon overtakes again.— (7) Prince throws down jar of oil, oil spreads over whole country side, witch cannot pass it, wherever she steps only slides back. — (8) Prince asks wbat fairy whispered to Filagranata; she says when he reaches home he must kiss no one till after their marriage, or he will.