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[No. 30.]

Title of Story.— The Three Tx)ve-Oraiiges.

Dramatis PersonSB — Hero: Prince.— Parents.— Little old woman.— The two maidens from first and second of magic oranges. — Heroine : Maiden from third orange. — Black Saracen woman. — Cook. — Dove (third maiden in disguise).

Abstract of Story.— (l) Prince goes hunting in the snow, sees marks made by blood on snow; resolves to find one fair .as snow, rosy as blood, for his bride; tells parents, who approve and send him forth. — (2) He meets little old woman (fairy) who gives him three oranges, telling him that when he opens one such a maiden as he seeks will appear, that he must at once sprinkle her with water, or she will disappear. — (3) "Wanders a long way, opens one orange, fair maiden appears, he forgets water till she has already vanished. — (4) Wanders on again till he fancies opening another orange; when he does so, another maiden fairer than the last appears; he runs to fetch water, finds none, when he comes back she is gone. — (5) "Wanders on again till he is nearly home, when he finds fountain by roadside, and close by a fine palace; opens third orange, maiden fairer than ever appears, sprinkles her with water, she remains; he goes to fetch retinue, leaving her by the fountain.— (6) A black Saracen woman lives in the palace; she goes down to draw water, and as she looked into the water she said, " My mistress says I am so ugly, bat I am so fair, therefore I break the pitcher and the little pitcher;" then she looks up in the bower, sees beautiful maiden, calls her down, caresses her, strokes her hair, runs magic pin into her head; maiden changes to dove. Prince comes back, black Saracen woman declares she is maiden he left changed by sun; he takes her home, preparations for the marriage are made. — (7) Dove comes and perches on kitchen window, where cook is preparing banquet, sings, " Cook, cook, for whom are you cooking? for the son of the king, or the Saracen moor! May the cook fall asleep, and may all the viands be burnt." After this nothing will go right. Prince goes to kitchen to find out what has happened; they show him dove; he feels pin in its head and draws it out; dove changes to maiden. Mar- riage is celebrated and witch is burnt.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Black Saracen woman runs pin into bride's head and passes herself off as

bride (6), is burnt (7). Dove, bride changes to (6), casts spell on cook (7). Maidens, three, from magic oranges (3, 4, 5). Oranges, gift of three magic (2)). Pin, run into bride's head, causes transformation (6). Spell, cast on cook by dove (7). Substituted bride (6). Transformation of bride into dove (6).

"Water, sprinkling of, on maiden to prevent her disappearance (2)<

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