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Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Animals help heroine (10, 11).

Blessing chosen by daughter as legacy (2, 3).

Choice of legacy (2, 3).

Grateful animal saves heroine (10, 11).

Hand of heroine cut off, restored by snake (11).

Property chosen by son as legacy (2, 3).

Eing, magic, produces food for heroine and son (11, 12).

Snake takes care of heroine (10).

Witchcraft, heroine accused of, and sent away by husband's parents (9).

Where published.— Swahili Tales, by Edward Steere. London, 1870. Story No. 13, pp 391-409.

Nature of Collection, whether :—

1. Original or trandation. — Translated from Swahili, by Dr. Steere. 2.1fhy word of mouth, state narrator^ s name. — Told to Dr. Steere by Hamisi wa Kayi or Khamis bin Abubekr.

Special Points noted by the Editor of the above.

Remarks by the Tabulator For inc. 2, see Campbell, I. p. 237, "The

King of Lochlin's Three Daughters "; lb. p. 251, " Maol a Chliobain. For inc. 10, 11 (helpful animal), cf. Miss Roalfe Cox's Remarks, p. 46. Steere, " Spirit and the Sultan's Son " and " The Ape, the Lion, and the Snake," and " Sultan Majnum." For incs. 10, 11 (grateful beast), cf. Miss Roalfe Cox's Remarks, ante^ p. 57, and above stories of Steere's.

(Signed) Janet Key.