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Abercromby (Hon. J.). The Beliefs and Religious Superstitions of the Mordvins 65-135
Annual Reports 1-21, 356-375
Babcock (W. H.). The London Ballads 27-35
Burne (Miss C. S.). Derbyshire and Staffordshire Sayings 291-295
Congress of Folklorists at Paris 275-276
Clodd (E.). Notes on African Folklore &c. 22-25
—— The Philosophy of Rumpelstiltskin 135-163
Frazer (J. G). Notes on Harvest Customs 47-53
—— A South African Red Riding Hood 167-168
Gomme (G. L.). Coorg Folklore 295-306
G. (A. S.). Wexford Folklore 38-40
Gregor (Rev. W.). Some Folklore of Trees, Animals, and River-fishing from the N.E. of Scotland 41-44
—— John Glaick, the Brave Tailor 163-165
—— The Clever Apprentice 166-167
—— Bread 195-198
—— Kelpie Stories 199-201
—— The Witch 277-286
—— Devil Stories 287-290