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police school has a laboratory for research work I think it has lost ground as an adjunct to and demonstrations and a criminal museum. municipal home, rule, for, whatever the just The laboratory, besides being used for school claims of a community to self-government, it is purposes, serves for investigations by the judi perceived that a commonwealth cannot safely cial police." give its cities a free rein in business adventures. "The School of Scientific Police in Rome." "I am inclined to think the movement will By Victor von Borosini. 3 Journal of Criminal more and more reflect political theories of a Law and Criminology 881 (Mar.). socialistic type." "The relations between Professor Ottolenghi Railway Rates. "Federal and State Co-op and the students were quite unique. He com mands their respect; he has infused in them an eration on Rates." By Charles E. Leland. immense interest in the science he represents 76 Central Law Journal 317 (May 2). and they would do anything for him. They are Proposing conferences between the Inter exceedingly proud that an authority of inter state Commerce Commission and the state national fame is their teacher. The reforming boards, held under concurrent federal and state influence of the school on the Italian police is legislation, the findings arrived at in such con already noticeable. The progress is, the world ferences being made binding upon the boards over, undoubtedly along the lines of the Italian represented, and certain matters of litigation method, which enables commanding officers involving both interstate and intra-state rates by the particular instruction, which they re being dealt with by the joint conference. The ceive in Rome, to do more efficient, preventive author has carefully worked out the details of his work. Prevention is far cheaper to society and project. far more ethical and moral than repression." Real Property. See Escrows, Torrens Sys Procedure. "The Judicial Code of the tem. United States, with some Incidental Observa tions on its Application to Hawaii." By Robert Recall of Judicial Decisions. "A Legisla W. Breckons. 22 Yale Law Journal 453 (Apr.). tive Curb on the Judiciary." By A. W. Rich"Although the code has been in operation ter. 21 Journal of Political Economy 281 (Apr.). but a short time, its workings [in Hawaii, where "Legislative bodies may create courts and may the author is United States Attorney] appear destroy courts, but they cannot stop half-way to be satisfactory." and create as courts nondescript bodies which, See Criminal Procedure, Federal Equity Rules, because they lack some of the essentials of judicial power, are not courts. So the legisla Legal History. ture may give or take away jurisdiction, but if Professional Ethics. "Disbarment for Ques it gives jurisdiction of a certain subject-matter, tioning the Integrity of the Court." By Charles for instance, old-age pensions, employers' lia A. Boston. 76 Central Law Journal 299 (Apr. bility, or the like, it cannot deny sufficient judi cial power to the courts so that they can give 25). due process of law to parties before them, prop "Let us hope that the time will come when erly protect the rights of parties, and give force no just man will be disbarred or censured for to judgments. One of the essentials of judicial taking issue with a judge on the propriety of power under the American system of judicial his conduct; and in closing I venture to suggest administration is the right to refuse to administer that the courts do not need to exercise this unconstitutional laws. There is little doubt arbitrary authority in order to sustain their but that the courts will refuse to give it up." dignity, their power or the confidence of the See Constitutionality of Statutes. people in the justice of their judgments or the incorruptibility of the incumbents of judicial Roman Law. "The Recent Controversy position." about Nexum." By F. dc Zulueta. 29 Law Quar "The Lawyer." By Justice John W. Goff. terly Review 137 (Apr.). 22 Yale Law Journal 433 (Apr.). An erudite article of considerable importance An address delivered at Yale Law School, for the student of origins of contractual obliga treating of a wide range of topics connected tions in the Roman law. with legal practice, professional ethics and legal Sales. "Sales of Goods Statutes in New education, full of sound practical advice. York." By Francis M. Burdick. 13 Columbia Public Ownership. "Municipal Ownership Law Review 389 (May). of Public Utilities (concluded)." By Carmon This article directs the reader's attention to F. Randolph. 22 Yale Law Journal 461 (Apr.). many important changes wrought by the New "At present the propaganda for municipal York statutes. operation shows signs of abatement. Here Social Reform Legislation. "Dissatisfac the cost of acquiring private works has far exceeded expectations; there a debt limit has tion with our Judges." By C. A. Kent. 11 blocked the way. But, quite apart from these Michigan Law Review 452 (Apr.). local checks, the propaganda, as a business An article of sound temper, dealing, however proposition, seems to have lost ground generally. in rather commonplace reflections.